Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Protester web site blocked in State Capital!!! Accident? Coincidence? Walker Dictate?

It's hard to imagine a more uncooperative group of elected officials. Channel 3000
A website designed to keep protesters informed was blocked by administrators inside the state Capitol, according to a claim by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 
Party officials said that the website www.defendwisconsin.org, which was set up by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Teacher Assistants, was accessible after its launch last week until at least Friday. It was then that website organizers realized their site had been shut down for those signing on as a guest to the free Wi-Fi offered inside the state Capitol.
Sachin Chheda, a Democratic activist and former IT employee at the State Capitol, said there are a number of sites that are blocked from users, but he said in order to block this site specifically, somebody would have had to make a conscious effort to do so.
But Department of Administration officials said computer software blocked the site, just like it does for any new website. Democratic Party of Wisconsin chairman Mike Tate had no trouble connecting the dots to Gov. Scott Walker and his administration. "I think what the Walker administration is not what democracy should look like," Tate said. The website is expected to be back up for all areas of Wi-Fi monitored by the agency, DOA officials said. 
The governor's office also replied to the accusation in a statement. "The Democratic Party should spend less time lying about Gov. Walker, and more...blah, blah, blah!

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