Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fringe right-wing extremist group, Pro-Life Wisconsin, Exploits Jesus' Image at Christmas. Should be called Low-Life Wisconsin.

The authoritarian Republican government control over our medical freedom and liberty was not what the founding fathers envisioned.

The party of opposites decries big government, the liberal kind, but waves their own socialist brand of freedom squelching nanny state laws over our personal choices. Instead of getting out of our lives, they pound the bible and demand we follow their unconstitutionally adopted national religion. Isn't it odd how empowered these radical militant groups feel once the Republican Party comes to power.

Madison: The signs are the latest salvo in Pro-Life Wisconsin's stepped-up campaign---weeks after the election flipped political power in the state to Republican rule---to dismantle abortion rights in Wisconsin. Virginia Zignego, the group's communications director, told me a couple of days ago that the organization is also gearing up to try to get rid of a controversial state law passed last year requiring comprehensive sex education, including information about birth control, in Wisconsin schools. Supporters of the law claim it is desperately needed to combat an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases among teens in the state.

Two days ago I blogged about 13 Milwaukee billboards, also erected this week, which feature an image of a worried-looking black child and the words BLACK CHILDREN ARE IN DANGER TOO MANY ABORTED in block letters. Those signs, like the two in La Crosse, were also erected with help from out-of-state anti-abortion organizations.

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  1. You sure like adjectives, huh? How 'bout "fringe, left-wing extremist groups" like the Weather Underground whose buddy is now an Obama advisor and may very well have ghost written Obama's books.

    Oh, but I forgot, the left is never intolerant, extremist, fringe, violent, shrill, angry, silly...did I mention intolerant?

    Just in case your mom never taught you 'bout the birds 'n' bees, all of us came as little infants in the womb -- just like the billboard. But perhaps you sprang from the head of Zeus?

  2. I don't believe I've ever said the left didn't have extremism, did I?

    A bit of a sweeping generalization.

    The bible clearly defines the beginning of life at the time Adam took his first breath. Can babies do that in the womb? Ooops.

    Take up that discrepancy with God.

  3. And whose womb would have Adam been in, again?

    This is all assuming that you take Genesis literally, which a majority of Christians do not.

  4. If you aren't going by the definition in the Bible, then in your opinion, life begins with the fertilized egg.

    I believe it begins when you are born, with care taken for the last trimester.

    Guess we don't agree, unless you think we all should believe like you? Authoritarian much?

  5. So your mom could have killed you in the womb? And that's okay with you.

    Well, it's easy for someone born to be cavalier about murdering babies before birth. And I'm never surprised whe men are pro-abortion. It's the biggest cop-out for a male chauvinist pig going. Hey, kill the grubby little kid and you won't have to pay child support. And if the mom doesn't agree spike her coffee with abortifacients (a Virginia man did that), or beat her up and kick her in the stomach, or just kill her.

    As for all of us believing something. I think most countries have laws against murder, burglary, and rape, but rapists, thieves, and murderers don't agree. We wouldn't want to be authoritarian toward them, now would we?

  6. What part of "care should be taken in the last trimester" don't you understand? Murder is a term crazy zealots use to push their agenda.

    No right thinking individual would terminate a late term baby by choice, no doctor, no one.

    Your assumption people would do something like that says a lot about you and your faith in your fellow Americans. Guess you're just a little bit better than them.

    The termination of an early pregnancy is not something you should decide for someone else.

    But then, it bothers you to be required to buy health insurance.

    You're a controlly conservative advocating conformity to your way of life.

    Leave the rest of us alone to practice our own freedoms and liberty.

  7. Let's see, who wants control? What's the magic day in the "last trimester" when the baby has a right to be protected? Exactly midnight at six months in utero? What about two minutes before midnight? That's okay? What about the day before. You want the control to be absolutely arbitrary in your right to kill when you say so.

    the baby's heart starts beating 18-21 DAYS after conception. Brain waves are measurable at SIX WEEKS. The baby has fingerprints at TEN WEEKS. All major organ systems are working at twelve weeks. That's before the end of the first trimester.

    But you've decided that it's okay to kill the baby and facts won't get in your way. Hey, why set the third trimester as the arbitrary point? Wait until the baby is born and if he has a serious health problem kill him/her after birth. That's what "ethicist" Pete Singer wants. As for nobody killing babies in the third trimester, there are thousands and MOST of them are normal.

    Your right to "practice your own liberty" ends when your fist lands in someone else's face. And people who beat up and kill those who are smaller than they are are nothing but homicidal bullies.

    I'd do anything to help a woman in a crisis pregnancy to save her baby. My husband and I have been a shelter home for thirteen pregnant moms and we've also been foster parents. There is no right to kill the helpless even if it's legal. That's what tyrants do!

  8. We disagree, and you're out of control, extremist and sanctimonious.

    Thanks for the conversation.

  9. And if you want proof that most late term abortions are done on healthy babies, go here:

  10. Ah yes, the name calling again. Isn't that how this started?

    I'm sure you have some more adjectives in your bag of tricks if you think hard. If not, there's a thesaurus on line.


  11. I'm tired of being treated like a murderer and tired of allowing fringe elements like youself controlling the conversation. Being looked upon as a liberal Democratic enemy, instead of respected and allowed to live my life(wife included who feels like me-not just men), is no longer something I'm willing to tolerate.

    You apparently have no historical reference to a time when abortion was illegal. Guess that's easy for you to ignore and pretend didn't happen, but not me. The horrors of letting that part of history repeat itself is inhumane and a total disregard for life and freedom.

    My concept of life, and protecting it when possible, is based on the actual sense of living. A fetus isn't a complete life, has not developed enough to live outside the womb, and has no being. Your tales of indiscriminate 3rd trimester abortions is a sad overused ploy created by zealots who feel like you. Any responsible doctor or clinic would never tolerate the activity. If they did, they would be breaking the laws.

    You also can imagine "pain" that doesn't exist yet, and can see whatever else in a fetus, but the living mother should decide whether she will bring the child into the world. Not you and your personal feelings about when life begins or has developed.

    Yes, name calling is a ploy conservative fringers like yourself use to appear the "victim" of the debate, and a last resort when you have nothing left to say.

    So be it. You're the victim again. Good luck arresting women who end up "killing" their babies.