Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Majority of Utah Citizens who Rejected Republican Voucher Law are about to see New Voucher Law by Republicans. Are they listening?

Even after the Republicans made the point that health care reform had been “rammed down our throats,” and the Democrats weren’t listening to the protesting American public, they still want to ram school vouchers down the throats of the same voters who voted down the idea in 2007. A bit authoritarian?
ABC 4 News has learned Utah is headed for another potentially bruising debate over school vouchers.
A key republican state legislator is now drafting a new bill which would create a voucher program for some Utah students.

In early 2007, the Utah legislature approved a school voucher program.
But later that same year, voters rejected it.

Now, however, the school voucher debate is back. Rep. Carl Wimmer, the bill’s sponsor says, “There are students who are simply falling through the cracks. Probably more than we actually care to mention."
Yes, PROBABLY more kids are falling through the cracks…we can only assume it’s worse than the actual facts.

Are Republican legislators listening? It doesn't matter when you know what's best for the parents of school age kids. 

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