Friday, December 31, 2010

In the Mid-Term, Seniors voted for a Party that would Increase Prescription Drug Prices for Themselves. They actually thought Republicans Would Protect them.

Remember when we found out that a big majority of seniors voted for Republicans in the midterms?

Good luck guys…  

Wispolitics: Representative Kelda Helen Roys warned that the appointment of Dennis Smith, a former top Bush Administration member, as Walker’s Department of Health Secretary, signaled an upcoming legislative fight over Wisconsin's successful SeniorCare program. 

“Dennis Smith was part of the Bush team that 4 years ago tried to end Wisconsin’s popular and successful SeniorCare program.” 
SeniorCare is the successful Wisconsin program that lowers prescription drug costs for 93% of Wisconsin seniors. 

“To appoint Dennis Smith to be the Secretary of the Department of Health Services would be as outrageous as putting a Fox in charge of a henhouse.” 

Dennis Smith presided over State Operations at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid under then Secretary Michael O. Leavitt. In these roles, Leavitt and Smith denied Wisconsin necessary Waivers to continue SeniorCare, until Sen. Herb Kohl authored a provision in the Senate to continue SeniorCare, thus saving the beloved program. Today, Smith continues to work for Leavitt at Leavitt Partners, a high powered consulting firm. 

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