Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walker's big train fumble first of many to come? Hell, he bankrupt Milwaukee County.

Here's Phil Hands story behind his political cartoon of Scott Walker:

I pitched this cartoon idea to my editor … it would be perfect if Walker was actually able to kill the train.
Even though I loved the cartoon, I had hoped I'd never have to run it. Unfortunately, here it is.
Scott Walker has made a huge mistake, and he did it more for political reasons than for budget concerns. The $7.5 million operating cost is miniscule compared to the maintenance costs of roads with a similar capacity, and Walker knows this. And while folks can complain about the $810 million the feds would have spent … much of that money would have went into the pockets of Wisconsin workers and then into the stores and small businesses that drive Wisconsin's economy.
I know that rail transportation is not only the past, it is the future. Right now, the technology exists to travel from Madison to the Twin Cities in one and a half hours on high speed rail. But with American transportation infrastructure, Minneapolis is a four and a half hour drive.

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  1. FAVORITE Political Cartoon. John doesn't mention the $810 Million was already allocated so was just spent in another state on HSR. Highway traffic not reduced by one car, on Wisconsin Interstate highways ranked #44 in quality. Jobs lost at the train car manufacturer Talgo which promptly shut down its new plant.