Friday, December 31, 2010

The Party that warned of Single Party Rule now Looking to take Permanent Political Control of State and Federal Government. Lame Duck Big Target.

Is the "Lame Duck" nearing extinction?

It appears when Republicans win elections, their rein begins immediately. This surreal electoral power grab, recently attempted in Wisconsin, mirrored a nationwide effort by Republicans to take power once elected. Not in two months, but NOW!! Their hope; stop Democrats cold. For example:

WSJ: In a letter to Department of Administration Secretary Daniel Schooff, Walker urged the current administration to freeze implementation of the federal health care law and suspend contract negotiations with state employees. He also requested it stop making any permanent hires, transform Charter Street Power Plant into a natural gas boiler (instead of the planned biofuel boiler) and delay any new administrative rules until after he takes office on Jan. 3.

On a national level, House Republicans hope to do away with the lame duck session, a moment that saw so many fellow conservatives help pass an historical number of Democratic bills. MSNBC:

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