Friday, December 31, 2010

Demand Health Care Opponents Drop Their Taxpayer supported Government Plans Now!!!

What infuriates me most is the light hearted, "we gotcha" suggestion that Republican opponents of health care reform, drop their government paid for plans. This isn't a ploy, a joke or a side issue.

We mean it. Walk the walk. If government involvement means the "best health care in the world" we be destroyed, then our elected officials should try and save it, by dropping coverage. Shop for it. Find the cheapest doctors and hospitals as a way of encouraging competition.

It's not a joke!! It's not a "gotcha." It's what they believe. Now they can show us!!! MSNBC:

Here's more from Chris Matthews on Mike Huckabee's silly argument and warning about the horrors of health care availability for all (this still boggles the mind):

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