Thursday, December 30, 2010

Republicans Demanded Democrats compromise and include their ideas. Now Republicans say they don’t need to listen and will be uncompromising. Surprised?

Using the same litmus test Republicans used on Democrats, the following issues should be on our radar, including the often shouted phrase, “your not listening to us.”
(AP) — Wisconsin Assembly Democrats want Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker to listen to them when he convenes a special legislative session on the economy next week.
Once concealed carry advocates sought safe and a knowledgeable gun owners by requiring training and continuing education and practice. Now, paranoid, immature anti-establishment gun nuts want to give the public guns and forego experience for… “risk.” Despite republicans taking control of Wisconsin’s legislature in the Nov. 2 mid-term elections, no commitment on Constitutional Carry (concealed carry with no permit system) has been forthcoming as of press time from either Governor-elect Scott Walker (R) or Wisconsin NRA lobbyist Jordan Austin.
The newly-elected republican legislature … has breathed new life into growing momentum in Wisconsin to by-pass a “Shall-Issue” concealed carry law … meaning anyone who may legally purchase a firearm may legally carry it … on the cusp of rolling back permit-to-carry requirements.
Now for the really stupid: Remember all the Republican attacks on Obama for appointing “Czars?” Well, maybe he could have avoided all that (big chance) by calling them “trustees.”
Jsonline: Governor-elect Scott Walker has yet to name a secretary to the Department of Natural Resources or, as he indicated during his campaign, a "deer trustee,"
Despite all the gun references, the noose signs, and general threats used by conservatives when talking about Obama, and their claims they meant nothing serious by them, watch what happens when a simple bumper sticker design “threatens the life” of our incoming Republican governor:  
Freedomeden: This is the version of the Dems' sticker that was shown last night on FOX 6 News.
There's a world of difference between a depiction of the train slamming into Walker's head with what appears to be bloody results and an image of the train shooting out of Walker's head. the version depicting what looks like blood spurting out of Walker's head as the train hits his temple is a violent, gory, and highly inappropriate image for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to be hawking. More Leftist extremism exposed. 
Kudos to FOX 6 for showing the sticker that actually prompted the outrage 

Phony outrage? I see a train crashing into a brick wall (and 3 color budget printing too). Only blood thirsty, gun toting, death sentence loving, no health care killing, war mongering conservatives would think this is violent and gory.

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