Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Texas, Republicans aren't listening to the Democratic voters anymore. They Don't have too.

Texas is a mess, but you would never know by the continued stream of hyperbole from state Republicans, and Gov. Perry.

Now that the GOP is in total control of the state, a moment I have begged for, we'll see how well the draconian conservative model of government works its magic.

Having said that, we in Wisconsin will be at the mercy of the Republican controlled government as well, with no opposing party to put on the breaks. While conservatives whine over the last two years of Democratic control that no one was "listening," it's apparently okay to not listen to liberals opposed to Republican policies. Can you say "authoritarian?"

Keith Olbermann dissects the situation in Texas, while Fox News viewers go "unaware" of the unfettered Republican experiment. Let's see how they deal with the $25 billion shortfall next year. I'm loving this.

As for the Texas Democratic voter, isn't anybody listening to them?

Rachel Maddow takes a look at Gov. Rick Perry's odd vision of a not so free market.

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