Saturday, December 25, 2010

Liberal Dream Come True, Florida Gov. and Crook to Dismantle Education (in general)!!!

I’ve said it before; I want a right wing ideologically controlled state to live their dream, where regulation is a thing of the past, educational choice is statewide and tax cuts rule. Please let it happen!

It’s about too, in Florida:
Journalonline: Vouchers for all students. Merit pay for teachers, but no tenure for new hires … a few of the wide-ranging recommendations for reforming Florida's education system released this week by an 18-member panel advising Gov.-elect Rick Scott.
First thing it would do is take a huge chunk of money, 85 percent-$5,800 from public education, set up “education savings accounts” that private schools would then exceed with higher tuitions, and force parents to pick up the balance.  

And since this market based, “Parents would be encouraged to "shop for high-quality, low-cost education alternatives so they can save for their child's college, while also saving the state money," according to the report.” That’s just what parents were looking for, cheap educational alternatives for their kids. Anyone think the best schools will fill-up fast leaving angry parents with low quality alternatives? Oh, and one more important thing…
Both state Sen. Evelyn Lynn, R-Ormond Beach, and Volusia School Board member Candace Lankford questioned how those who receive it ($5800) would be held accountable for its use. "It may sound wonderful on paper, but you talk about a government giveaway with no accountability," said Lankford, who's also president of the Florida School Boards Association.
Volusia Teachers Organization President Andrew Spar accused the transition team of "trying to set things up so we can dismantle public education." "They're trying to do education on the cheap and our children are too important to do it on the cheap," he said.
Here’s hoping Florida, and the Gov-elect who plead the fifth 75 times in one of the biggest Medicare faud settlements ever, go for it. 

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