Monday, December 27, 2010

Despite middle class Voters not knowing they received the biggest tax cut ever, press warns Obama not to brag about accomplishments.

Democrats have always had a problem getting their message out. They’re really bad at marketing their ideas, and worse, selling them over and over to gain support.

Enter Dana Milbank.
Washington Post: It took President Obama fewer than 50 days to go from shellacking to swashbuckling.
Seven weeks earlier to the day, the president faced harsh questions about his leadership as he took responsibility for Democrats' loss of the House in the previous day's election. But the man who faced reporters Tuesday afternoon in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building was treated by his questioners as a conquering colossus - and Obama didn't mind wearing those shoes.
He bestowed superlatives on his accomplishments:
"The most productive post-election period we've had in decades."
"The most productive two years that we've had in generations."
"The most significant arms-control agreement in nearly two decades."
Careful, Mr. President. What got Obama in trouble in the first place were the extraordinarily high expectations that the nation had for his administration … But now Obama's return to messianic status risks unlearning the valuable lesson in humility … for your own safety and that of your passengers, please park the celebration. 
Obama is in danger of telling the public too much about his and the congresses accomplishments. After all, he's just coping the Republicans, and that just won't be tolerated.

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