Tuesday, December 21, 2010

State out another 360 jobs, and we got rid of future Clean Energy Jobs Act. The invisible hand of Creative Destruction.

You would think corporate America would be chomping at the bit to take Gov. Scott Walker up on his invitation, Wisconsin is open for business. Think again. 
Capital Times, Mike Ivey: Here's a good tale to keep in mind the next time a corporation threatens to leave the state unless it gets its way.
During debate earlier this year over the Clean Energy Jobs Act, one of the state's largest paper companies threatened to shut down a big plant in central Wisconsin if the bill was signed into law by Gov. Doyle.
NewPage Corp. of Miamisburg, Ohio -- was particularly outspoken, warning it would be forcedto close its coated paper facility in Whiting because of the increased costs of doing running the plant.
Facing those kinds of threats, the Clean Energy Jobs Act died an ugly death in the Legislature, ironically on Earth Day.
So guess what? New Page has gone ahead and is closing the Whiting plant anyway cutting the jobs of some 360 workers. In making the announcement earlier this month, the company said the plant was just too expensive to operate.
Outgoing State Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, reminded Biz Beat of this little corporate sleight of hand, "I don't know why we should believe what any of these guys say anymore."
And we won't be a leader in wind and solar energy anytime soon either. Sigh!!

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