Monday, December 13, 2010

Walker and Republican whiners finally got rid of Talgo.

Big government is good only if it pays for everything that benefits the state businesses.

From the start Republicans have beat up on Spanish train maker Talgo. They couldn’t get over the fact that Talgo made trains the local train maker didn’t, and won the high speed rail contract. Well, Talgo got the message:

Jsonline: On Friday, Talgo announced it would close its Milwaukee plant in 2012, leaving only a maintenance base.
Florida's Governor-elect Rick Scott didn't issue an unequivocal promise to end his state's high-speed rail project. Instead, Scott has said only that he doesn't want state taxpayers to cover any of the Florida system's costs.
That’s called negotiation. But Scott is basically asking for the impossible! It’s like opposing the federal highways system in the state because taxpayers would have to rebuild them some day.

The bottom line is this; Conservatives are freeloaders who depend on the federal government to pick up the tab for critical state infrastructure needs that supports business.

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