Thursday, December 23, 2010

He hasn't even taken office yet, and the Scott Walker bandwagon of arrogance has racked up these stories to watch!!!

After bankrupting Milwaukee County, Scott Walker is about to be given the keys to the governors office, offering up a political philosophy that promotes risk, self centered individualism and immediate satisfaction. The first order of business isn't job creation, but securing the Republican majority by passing voter ID. Despite a lack of voter fraud, the scare tactic has shifted public attention away from ELECTION FRAUD, which most people are completely unaware of...until now. I hope:
Jsonline: In a widening probe, Milwaukee County prosecutors are pushing forward with their two-prong criminal investigation into campaign activity by county staffers for Governor-elect Scott Walker and questionable donations by a Walker supporter.
Sources say the case has gotten to the point that the Walker campaign recently brought in former U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic, now withMichael Best & Friedrich.
"As (convicted former alderman) Michael McGee said, this is a big amoeba," said one person familiar with the case. "It keeps growing." News about the investigation comes at an awkward time for Walker's team.
The Wauwatosa Republican is gearing up for his Jan. 3 inauguration. Walker also is struggling to fill his new administration, not having named a single cabinet secretary in the seven weeks since he was elected.
Jill Bader, spokeswoman for Walker's campaign, confirmed that Biskupic's firm was working for Walker's shop.
Milwaukee prosecutors also are conducting a criminal investigation of a railroad official who has conceded using company cash to underwrite his employees' campaign donations, something not permitted under state law.
I think Uppitywis put it best: The wonder of all of this is that as Republicans continue to complain about the possibility of vote fraud (which is extremely rare) they don't seem to be at all bothered by their own campaign fraud, which looks more and more real every day.

While state employees are taking the heat by the incoming Republican majority, and the private sectors sheds workers and  permanently downsizes due to lack of demand, our new "leaders" are allowed to wallow in privileged.
Isthmus: Campaigning to become Wisconsin's next governor, Scott Walker promised to usher in a new era of austerity in state government. But one of his first decisions suggests his determination to make the "haves" in state government more like the "have-nots" elsewhere stops at his own door — his own car door, to be precise. Isthmus has learned that Walker plans to spend significantly more than his predecessor, Gov. Jim Doyle, on his personal state vehicle.
According to Emily Winecke, a spokeswoman for the Wisconsin Division of Administration, "This vehicle was selected by the governor-elect's security detail so that all members of [his] family could travel together in one vehicle." In other words, Walker's ride will cost at least $19,158 a year to lease, should the agreement be renewed for that long.
And finally, if past behavior is any indicator of future events, Walker is about to overstep his authority, over and over;
WTAQ - A state appeals court said Governor-elect Scott Walker overstepped his authority as Milwaukee County executive, when he imposed a 35-hour work week.
It was never implemented, and instead Walker ordered unpaid furlough days to reduce labor costs and cover a county budget shortfall.


  1. It is a tragedy that people have elected such an uncaring, arrogant person to be our Governor. He has already destroyed the rail and our State employment opportunities and he isn't even in office yet. We will be the top poverty state in the upcoming statictis because of his tactics. Impeach Walker while we still have a chance!

  2. scott walker is an arrogant turd... he patted himself on the back for helping pass out food on Xmas... he will do nothing to improve Wisconsin...impeachment steps should begin immediately

    ~ Newrulz1951