Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rep. Ryan and Sensenbrenner Scared of the "Terrorist Threat." The New Red Threat?

Remember when Bush, that tough guy on terror, wanted to close Gitm? But Republicans are counting on that detail getting lost by the loud shouting of conservatives who are portraying Obama and the Democrats as soft on terror.

I'm wondering how anyone can fight terror and be so afraid of it. This is a non-topic, created by Republicans to dredge up the idea liberals don't take terrorism seriously. Taking human rights away is so much more manly. Rep. Ryan and Sensenbrenner are scared, real scared. Ryan raised concerns to reports that over 100 terrorists could be transferred from their Guantanamo Bay detention facility to the Thomson Correctional Center, a northern Illinois prison located 50 miles south of the Wisconsin border … Ryan expressed grave concern … bringing al-Qaeda terrorists a short drive from Wisconsin’s First Congressional District.

“The President continues to fundamentally confuse acts of war as mere criminal acts – naively believing that combating terrorism is a fight best left to courtrooms. Those I serve in Southern Wisconsin will not welcome these terrorists as our new neighbors. The President's promise to close Guantanamo Bay was a misguided political calculation that remains unworkable. For sake of our security, this is a promise he shouldn't keep.”
The following audio is from WHA's Joy Cardin's show, featuring to the point commentary by Howard Schweber, Associate Professor of Political Science and affiliate member of the UW-Madison Law School.

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner oddly said pretty much that same crazy stuff:
"The Obama Administration's primary goal should be to keep terrorists off of U.S. soil, not house them near our homes or give them additional constitutional rights in a court of law. The President should be working to diminish the capacity for them to hurt the United States again, or receive more rights than they deserve."
Only certain people in the world deserve human rights, according to Sensenbrenner.

rocknetroots put it this way:
Why does Ryan and his GOP cohorts continually think America can’t do anything right? Is it because we're not quite as smart as they are? To most of these folks, American cities weren’t even worthy to hold the Olympics. Our prisons can’t hold prisoners and our justice system will surely fail. Government is completely inept on all fronts. Yet, why is it that government can’t do anything right - a'hem, except partner with corporate interests of course. That little trick they seem to have whittled down to absolute perfection.
The more Ryan, Sensenbrenner and their fellow Republicans continue this drumbeat, the more frightened they look in the eyes of the voting public. For them, it would be better if we ran in fear from the "terrorist threat," despite knowing they're locked away in prison.

Take from Rep. John "scared of his own shadow" Shadegg...

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