Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sarah Palin Goin Nowhere Quitter Tour

The non-partisan liberal Democratic group, One Wisconsin Now, came up with this interesting counterpunch to the rabid teabagger gatherings. To the right, "fans" can insert their face in the hole and be Sarah, on what might have been the original Palin cover.

One Wisconsin Now heard that teabaggers were going to be teabagging their way to the state capitol Monday to convince themselves that members of the state legislature give two flying snorts about whatever gripe these bitters have. We decided to greet the dozen or so (or in teabagger math "eleventy thousand") with the kickoff of the One Wisconsin Now Sarah Palin "Goin' Nowhere" book tour. Look for upcoming opportunities to take your photo as the cover model of the "American Quitter's" missive.

So far the tour has gone from our office on State Street two block up to the Capitol.

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