Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Conservatives Scattershot List of Wedge Issues Maddening, Insane. Like Climate Change...

After I received another "global warming is a hoax, secret leaked emails reveal" story from my conservative friend, I fired off this response:

God I hate this ridiculous wheel spinning stuff. I don't believe any of it. So what do you suggest, doing nothing? This story hit the papers on Saturday, with not one reference to climate change. Hey, all we have to do is stop breathing, right?

"The advisory is being issued because of persistent elevated levels of fine particle pollution, mainly coming from combustion sources such as power plants, factories, vehicle exhaust and wood burning. An air quality advisory issued on Sunday for Dane, Brown and Milwaukee Counties expires at noon Monday.

The air quality index is at the unhealthy level for people in sensitive groups, including those with heart or lung disease, asthma, older adults and children."

Who cares right, it's not global warming.

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