Monday, November 9, 2009

Rep. Ryan on Health Care: "Millions of Americans becoming dependents on the state..!" Ask any Seniors lately Paul?

Rep. Paul Ryan is a Corporate Communist. His ecnonomic perspective is rarely criticised, even though his ideology caused the Republican economic world wide recession.

WKOW News: Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan comments on Saturday's health care reform bill passing in the House. “What is worse is this bill replaces the American Idea with a European-style social welfare state. This bill will lead to millions of Americans becoming dependents on the state rather than being dependent upon themselves. This is about ideology."

How true. Paul's ideology dictates people take care of themselves, until they can't, at which point they…? If government can't afford health care, how can we assume individuals will be able to? The European-style model is doing quite well, and is one less problem facing those countries still dealing with the economic meltdown caused by Republicans.

Why is it "bad" when Americans "depend" on the state?(that's you and me by the way) The "state" plan is paid for by all of us, it's not a free government hand out. Like the old insurance model dictates, the more people insured, the lower the cost per individual because it spreads the risk.

Bemidji Pioneer: "Ryan’s proposal … scares his GOP colleagues is his big swap: Workers would pay taxes on their employer-provided insurance benefits, and everyone would get a tax credit to buy their own insurance in the private market."

He’s dead against the Democrats’ public-option proposal. “The federal government would run a health-care system ... with the compassion of the IRS, the efficiency of the post office and the competence of Katrina,” he says.

The post office is very efficient, effective and well run. It's losing money because sending letters is still really cheap and is artificially low, and email has cut into the business model. As for Katrina, that was a Republican cost cutting debacle. Downsized and filled with political hacks and contributors, Republicans now point to a problem of their own making, proving once again how bad government is…under them.

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