Monday, November 16, 2009

Insurance Companies Have to GO, or we can't save money or reform health care.

As long as we keep insurance companies involved in health care, the harder it is to save money or change the system. Think about it; They've made sure they have a lock the status quo.

The bottom line is this: Insurance companies take money, they don't provide health care services. The real enemy of reform is that people are convinced insurers are an integral part of treatment, when it isn't.

The poll below reflects the publics gut feeling about what needs to happen. According to the Pew Research Center-AP:

"A ban on denial of coverage because of pre-existing medical problems" is favored by 82 percent of the public, but after being told insurance companies will charge people more with the ban on pre-existing conditions, support drops dramatically to 43 percent."
What it means is there are a lot of people willing to throw a few sick people under the bus for the sake of low premiums, pitting citizens against citizens. It also means many people assume that's just the way it is, insurance is insurance, we don't have the freedom to get health care without it.

And because we're determined to keep for profit insurers in health care: "limiting the premiums that insurance companies can charge 50-year-olds means that 20-year-olds have to pay more for coverage." That only tells part of story because:
"If the added costs - spread over tens of millions of people - turn out to be small, it probably won't make much difference."
One more thing; As long as we keep insurers in the loop, this will also be a HUGE problem:

"asked if everyone should be required to have at least some health insurance, 67 percent agreed and 27 percent said no. The responses flipped when people were asked about requiring everybody to carry insurance or face a federal penalty: 64 percent said they would be opposed, while 28 percent favored that."
That's right, the public favors laws without penalty. And if people choose the "freedom" to not have insurance, breaking the law, they can simply freeload off everyone else. You know, the system we have now. Nothing changes.

For some, this is just logical: 'I think it's crazy. I think it infringes on our rights as a citizen, forcing us to do these things,' said Eli Fuchs, 26, of Marietta, Ga."

Good-bye health care reform.

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