Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big Solutions for Big Problems: Moderates and Republican Freeloaders

Two ideas:

The Moderate Party: It's time to hold moderates accountable. The positive aspect of the new party is not having the burden of a political affiliation to the Republicans or Democrats. Flip flopping is part of the party base. But because watered down solutions rarely means anything in the big picture, voters will finally be able to judge a Moderate Party politicians effectiveness.

Huge Fines for Freeloaders: It would be impossible for a Democrat to turn away a free market, free loading Republican if they ever needed help or economic assistance. After all, they hate government mandates and would turn them down. We also can't get them to sign away their rights to Social Security or Medicare, socialized programs, because we would still end up providing humanitarian aid if they were ever to fall on hard times.

Instead of Republicans having us over a barrel, raising our premiums so we have to pay for their "freedom," why not levy HUGE fines if they ever needed help medically or socially. These fines will be attached to future wages and generations. They can leave THEIR kids with the bill, not mine.

NO MANDATES! Just big fines just in case they need our assistance. After all, if you eat right, exercise and invest wisely you'll never need any help.

I'm only trying to protect their freedom.

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