Wednesday, November 4, 2009

TABOR Anti-Tax Loser for Conservatives Because it's Ludicrous

I found this short but to the point story of TABOR's big loss among Maine voters, a refreshing sign of intelligence and enlightenment, about how off track conservatives are when it comes to the need for government.
Maine Public Broadcasting: Maine voters turned back a couple of initiatives aimed at government belt-tightening.

The so-called TABOR 2 proposal, which would have tied government spending to the rate of inflation and population growth, was rejected, along with a measure that would have slashed auto excise taxes. Both measures were proposed by the conservative think tank known as the Maine Heritage Policy Center. TABOR Supporters had maintained that government spending is out of control and needs to be reined in.

TABOR was defeated by a vote of about 60 to 40. The excise tax proposal lost by an even wider margin, around 74 to 26.
It looks like Maine citizens have had enough of this crazy talk, recognizing just how ideologically wrong these "fiscal conservatives" are.
TABOR opponents said the measure would hurt municipalities and force them to cut funds for roads, schools and police and fire departments, and shift the tax burden onto property owners.

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