Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Republican Candidate Hangs out in Bar, Complains to only Bartender Who'll listen.

It's the craziest political party there ever was.

I'm still gathering my thoughts after watching "Pub Talk-the Game" by Republican congressional candidate Terri McCormick. In what appears to be a challenge to unseat Rep. Steve Kagan, McCormick bar flies her way into your psyche and slow moves a message of government outrage, that can only remind the viewer of a bad porn movie plotline. Palin, Biggert, Bachmann, Shedegg, Gohmert, King, Cantor, Hoffman, Prejean, DeMint, Coburn, and now Terri McCormick.

Keep reminding yourself this is not Onion News…

According to McCormick is posting videos of what she terms "Pub Talks." Seated at a bar with a drink in her hand, McCormick pontificates to a friendly, bow-tied bartender, "Jimmy," who recites his lines as stiffly as a community theater wannabe McCormick does her best to channel Sarah Palin: "We're a nation in crisis, and I've got strong feelings about what to do about that crisis." McCormick is also pushing a self-published book titled "What Sex is a Republican?"

(When Terri McCormick was in the Assembly, Republican staffers cringed whenever she spoke. Now we know why.)


  1. John Wayne wasn't at the Alamo. Not even under his real name.

    Time to throw up.

  2. Word salad..say a bunch of words that sound good, but no real substance.

  3. Yes, quote Saint Marion (aka John Wayne). The man never served in the military. In WW2 he wouldn't join because he wasn't guaranteed a commission. Put him right up there next to Saint Ronald, who thought he fought in WW2 because he was in some war movies.

    It's all the standard bag of gas to hide the fact that the Republican Party core beliefs are greed and intolerance.

  4. John Wayne not only wouldn't join, he was a draft dodger, who got the studio to get him an exemption for being in an essential occupation. He was a B movie star whose career was made because he was the only star left in Hollywood after everyone else was in the military. He was a cowardly piece of dog crap who then held himself up as a hero because he appeared in lots of war movies, even though he never served for a single second.

  5. More Republican nonsense. They're all taking this satire piece too seriously:


  6. John Wayne was not a patriot but a draft dodger like Reagan...we know that.

    This juvenile effort must be looked at as a danger...The republians garner support by telling stories and hitting buttons that connect to "values"...
    Most of America doesn't read nor is educated in any meaningful way...with little concept of history...the story buttons reach an emotional response.

    Emotion and deeply held ideas, such as patriotism, etc..trump any rational explanation.

    The Democrats and/or opponents of the right wing machine must understand this and create and put out their own storylines to touch into the emotions of the populace.

    Fear, envy, etc.

  7. Please tell me where that bar is so I can avoid evah evah, evah evah evah evah, going in there.