Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Judge Panel Declares Lying Constitutional in State Supreme Court Race!

Despite rules to the contrary, "barring lies in judicial races," three judges decided even that rule is unconstitutional. The ruling that lets conservative activist Justice Michael Gableman off the hook has not just lowered the bar, but removed it from accurate ethical oversight, and has opened the flood gates for dirty no holds barred elections. The total destruction of our legal system in the state is complete. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A three-judge panel said Thursday the state Supreme Court should dismiss a complaint against Justice Michael Gableman that alleges he lied in a campaign ad last year. Gableman's colleagues on the high court will now have to decide whether to go along with that recommendation or allow the case to continue and potentially discipline Gableman.
How did we get to this point? Here's how they came to this "down the rabbit hole" decision:

Appeals Court Judge Ralph Adam Fine differed with the majority opinion that the ad did not tell a literal lie. He said the ad included a lie but argued the Supreme Court rule barring lies in judicial races is unconstitutional because a government body doesn't have the ability to dictate free-speech rights.

Reserve Judge David Deininger wrote separately to scold Gableman for running an ad that was misleading and disparaged the court system. "More troubling than the misleading implication (in the ad) is the advertisement's disdain for the role of defense counsel in our adversary system," Deininger wrote in his concurring opinion.

Gableman's "disdain" for defense attorneys, touting it in campaign ads, is just another partisan shot at "trial lawyers." It's clear now that in Wisconsin, money buys you constitutional rights, and defense attorneys are on notice.
We really do have the most corrupt, partisan conservative activist supreme court in the country. And now it is constitutional, a free speech right, to lie in campaign ads despite rules barring it.

It's all over folks.

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