Monday, November 16, 2009

WTAQ's Jerry "the bigot" Bader Allowed Back on the Air. Lying about Democrats Forgivable and Forgotten.

Midwest Communications station WTAQ decided to wade into the cesspool.

Instead of presently themselves as professional broadcasters, they decided to allow bigoted conservative talk host Jerry Bader back on the radio to fill the public air waves with slop and innuendo.

Bader, according to NBC 26, "claimed an affair with another woman caused Lawton to drop her bid. In an emotional interview, Lawton denied that allegation. "It's an outrageous lie. It becomes clear the vulnerability one invites just by running for office and serving the government, doesn't it? I am about to celebrate 36 years, (breaks down), can we stop?"

So after a two week vacation, Green Bay's conservative radio talk host Jerry Bader returned to do his show "thanking his supporters and extending an apology to everyone affected by his suspension."

Move along now, the damage has been done, we got what we wanted-press and a few days of smearing the Lt. Governor. After all, Bader has a responsibility to the station to crank up the rumor mill, so he can lead nicely into Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Mark Levin. Would I kid you about a line-up like that. What balance.

According to the Greenbaypressgazette: "WTAQ general manager Duke Wright announced on the air that he weighed feedback from listeners and found a common opinion was, “Everyone makes mistakes.”

AP reports: "The station solicited listener feedback on the situation and Wright said more people are supportive of Bader returning to the air than against it."

Lt. Governor Lawton said it best with this:
“Because Mr. Bader has branded the Green Bay area with his inflammatory rhetoric and homophobia and racism as a provincial backwater. And the Chamber of Commerce and community leaders and the station ownership and people who advertise on that station ought to be greatly concerned about the economic impact that that has.”
Not to mention the trash tuning into Bader's morning show.

Oh, and I wonder how many liberal talk show hosts they have in their on air line-up? Yeah, right.

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