Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If Republicans Want to Send More Troops to Afghanistan, Raise Taxes to Pay for It!

Raise taxes, or get out!

The fighting in Afghanistan isn't paid for. Democrats should ask the supporters of the war to pay for the Afghan conflict, just like the Republicans are insisting the Democrats pay for an actual program that helps Americans, like health care. Put these guys on the spot, now.

Come on Republicans, that means you Rep. Mac Thornberry, introduce a war tax so the U.S. can continue to spend lives and money on nation building, all in the name of self defense. Thornberry is willing to stay as long as it takes. What a sick bastard.

Odd isn't it, with the scope and manpower of Homeland Security, war mongering conservatives are acting like this specialized department doesn't even exist.

I'm convinced Pres. Obama won't risk appearing weak, and will instead allow the Republican Party to force his hand.

NY Times: Obama: "A day after telling Congressional leaders that he would not substantially reduce American forces in Afghanistan or shift the mission to just hunting terrorists there...."

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