Sunday, October 4, 2009

"I Pledge Allegiance to America's Debt" Ad Advocates Conservative Indoctrination in Schools.

The "non-partisan" Employment Policies Institute and their Defeat the Debt website advocates against minimum wage hikes. They say they are not making the conservative case about the evils of any wage floor and massive government spending, but simply adding to the research data.

In the ad here, it's perfectly fine to suggest indoctrinating young children in a classroom with neo-liberal, perfectly "normal" conservative ideological positions. Allow me to use the language of the right wing; Trashing of the Pledge of Allegiance and blatantly advocating brainwashing children in our public schools in the ideology of the party of the Great Recession, is the fastest track to fascism. There, I said it.

Watch this heart warming pledge sweetly delivered by the innocent unsuspecting young minds in our public classrooms (or is this what they intend to teach in private voucher/charter schools?).

EPI also laments saving the country and world from a total meltdown They complain the funds used to stop the bleeding is now debt. EPI's solution would have been to introduce a second economic depression, the normal 80 year business cycle I guess, with the comforting knowledge that they didn't add to the new massive debt with Keynesian witchcraft. For them, a wage race to the bottom is the answer. Check out the Bizarro World logic on wages:

Minimum Wage/Slave Labor Argument: "No matter what your age, if you don’t have a solid work history, the minimum wage hike is going to hurt you more than it will help ... denying teens the opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job training."

This would be to easy to pick apart. Go for it.

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