Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scout Knife Weilding 6 Year Old Gets Reprieve! Zero Intellegence... I mean...Tolerence Policy Changed

Zero tolerance policies at our public schools have pretty much embarrassed districts all across America, yet no one appears to have the slightest intention of changing them, until now.

When a school district attempts to send a 6 year old to reform school for breaking a rule, there's really something wrong their judgement and the system.

Let's hope more districts change like the one below. The first clip is the initial Fox News report with Shepard Smith, the final report by WTXF-TV.

Seacoastonline opinion: In the case of your average six year old, “malice aforethought” lasts about three minutes. Possibly ten if the same six year old spends that time in a corner. Yet, it took national news coverage to get a reprieve for a First Grader in Delaware for a sentence that would have been over the top for a teenager. The fact is, there was no malice in any thought involved when little Zachary Christie brought his new cub scout all in one, handy dandy, eating utensil to school. Unless you consider murdering lunch an act of malice, that is.

Remember the days when a teacher would just roll their eyes and take away whatever offensive item was being waved around the classroom? “This will be in my desk until the end of the day. Don’t bring it back to school.” It seems in Delaware, if your six year old brings a cub scout knife to school to eat lunch with, the child will spend 45 days in reform school unless the incident gets shouted from the playground all the way to Washington.

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