Monday, October 19, 2009

Conservative Economic Solution: Let the Free Market Work, and Catastrophic Health Care Insurance for all?

The freeloading Texas A&M group, "Young Conservatives," are advocating their position that people have the freedom to buy or not buy health insurance. After all, they're young and immortal. And if they do decide to get insurance someday, a "low cost" catastrophic plan would be much better than "Obamacare."

Ah, the voice of inexperience. I wonder what's so attractive about high deductables, co-pays and high monthly premiums that increase dramatically every year?

David Shuster tries so hard to get a answer.

Below, Texas tea party organizer Phillip Dennis defends not protesting the Bush administration and Republican Party because at that point, they were still getting "extremely ticked off." President Bush was bad, admits Dennis, but Obama had the audacity to save the economy with a "stimulus" package. How dare Obama and his "over educated, under smart people" do what FDR did.

Dennis's solution would have let the free market prevail, cut taxes and relieve government regulations on businesses, what Bush did. You know, doing nothing sounds pretty easy.

Like all conservatives, Dennis would support Obama if he passed Republican legislation. Do these people listen to themselves or care about election results? Does Chris Matthews get through to this smug dunderhead?

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