Thursday, October 8, 2009

Soccer Mom's Gun Used by Hubby in Murder Suicide. Gun Ownership, What Could Go Wrong?

Second amenders love to brag about their good judgment and responsibility. They love to promote the insane idea carrying loaded guns in public, even if it scares everyone else to death. They're law abiding citizens. Let no law be written to stop the proliferation and public right to carry guns everywhere. Get this; We're actually safe around them, our great protectors. But here's the story they don't want you see, from the Examiner:
Melanie Hain made national headlines when she brought a handgun to a her daughter's soccer game in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. A fight over her permit to carry the gun ensued. Gun rights advocates took Hain's side arguing her rights allow her to take the gun wherever she wishes including a child's soccer game. Gun control advocates argued that Hain displayed poor judgment in bringing the gun to the game and attempted to make her an example of why conceal and carry laws should be repealed.

Here's where the proof of "poor judgment" comes in:
Sadly Hain has now reemerged on the national scene but for an entirely different reason. Hain was shot to death with by her husband Wednesday night who then shot himself in an apparent murder-suicide. Evidently the couple had been in a state of marital discord before the shooting. Thankfully the couples three children are all safe.

Here we have a normal gun loving couple, familiar with gun safety and their use, turning that defensive weapon on themselves as a final solution to their problem. And that's why I fear guns. The people who advocate carrying them everywhere might be more predisposed to use them in a heated argument, no matter how petty.
Gun rights advocates will argue that it was the people involved and not the guns that caused the deaths while gun control advocates will point to the story as an example of how more guns help bring about more death and violence.

Right on both accounts. But the argument that people don't kill people, that they just get in the way of a bullet, rings hollow here. In fact, its a lie. In a follow-up article, the Examiner tries to minimize the obvious:

People who believe they have a right to the means of self defense are portrayed by the media as notorious. And kooky. And comments under this story tell us about "those who live by the sword," some viciously disparaging Hain as a person, and generally exploiting this terrible incident to attack the notion that citizens have adequate competence or temperament to be
trusted with guns.

Right on all accounts again, even when the truth hurts. Or should I say kills.
UPDATE: Philadelphia Enquirer, 10-10: "Meleanie Hain, was unarmed in her kitchen and idly Web-chatting with a family friend. Outside the webcam's view, Scott Hain picked up a gun. By then, the chat partner, in another Pennsylvania county, had let his attention wander over to the television.

Then, at what police would say later was 6:07 p.m., the online feed erupted with a gunshot and a scream, and the friend saw Scott Hain walk into view. He raised a handgun and fired several times, and the friend called 911.

By the time police arrived, Meleanie Hain was dead in the kitchen, and Scott Hain had used a shotgun to commit suicide in an upstairs bedroom. Their three children, a neighbor said, had run from the house shouting, "Daddy shot Mommy!"

Six shell casings were found on the kitchen floor. Meleanie's 9mm pistol, with a full magazine and a bullet in the chamber, was in a backpack hanging from the front door. She had told interviewers that she feared unforeseen dangers in her quiet, rural community ... Scott Hain had mowed the yard before going inside and leveling his gun at his wife."
I can hear the gun nuts now, "If she had only been carrying her gun in the kitchen at the time."

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