Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Judge Napolitano on Health Care and getting sick: "'s a good, that you would purchase." We don't buy "health," and we don't "buy cancer."

Fox News' judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano is another crackpot who somehow got the impression the constitution should have a detailed list of what's covered and what isn't. Like health care. You won't believe the load of BS he shoveled at Neil Cavuto, who by the way, didn't buy into any of his nonsense. For example:

Napolitano: It's not a right (health care), it's a good, that one would purchase...

Cavuto: "... would you equate borderline creature comforts with something that would keep you alive...?

Napolitano: "If it's in the constitution, its a right... and if it is a right, than a lot of other things we like are rights also...'

How many people you know "likes cancer?" Since when is getting sick a "good," like buying a friggin' hamburger?

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