Friday, October 9, 2009

Right Wingers Worried that Health Care will lead to Gun Bans, Prison, IRS fines, Lists of Dangerous Lifestyles...

The right wing has kept other conservatives heads spinning with a confusing array of issues tied together willy-nilly as a way to justify their campaign of fear. For example: What has health care got to do with guns? It's like a political version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. It won't make any sense, but read on compliments of

ObamaCare Could be Used to Ban Guns in Home Self-Defense--( Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus has something to say to gun owners: “Own a gun; lose your coverage!” It is nearly certain that coverage prescribed by the administration will, to control costs, exclude coverage for what it regards as excessively dangerous activities. And, given HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ well-established antipathy to the Second Amendment — she vetoed concealed carry legislation as governor of Kansas — we presume she will define these dangerous activities to include hunting and self-defense using a firearm. It is even possible that the Obama-prescribed policy could preclude reimbursement of any kind in a household which keeps a loaded firearm for self-defense.

It is possible, in Bizarro land. The irony in all of this is there example of how this is happening right now. They whine the current health care system, and those abusive private insurers, are already demanding trigger locks in homeowners policies or pay the price. They even blame Obama for policies already in place by insurers to charge more for smokers, unhealthy employee choices and an insurers definition of bad habits.

The ObamaCare bill already contains language that will punish Americans who engage in unhealthy behavior by allowing insurers to charge them higher insurance premiums. (What constitutes an unhealthy lifestyle is, of course, to be defined by legislators.) Don’t be surprised if an anti-gun nut like Sebelius uses this line of thinking to impose ObamaCare policies which result in a back-door gun ban on any American who owns “dangerous” firearms. After all, insurers already (and routinely) drop homeowners from their policies for owning certain types of guns or for refusing to use trigger locks (that is, for keeping their guns ready for self-defense!).

How crazy is How would feel knowing veterans with PTSD are allowed to own and carry guns? I know, how unfair.

Remember, the federal government has already denied more than 150,000 military veterans the right to own guns ...They were denied because of medical information (such as PTSD) that the FBI later determined disqualified these veterans to own guns.

And, although a Schumer amendment purports to exempt Americans from prison sentences for non-purchase of an ObamaPolicy — something which was never at issue — it doesn’t prohibit them from being sent to prison for a year and fined an additional $25,000 under the Internal Revenue Code for non-payment of the initial fines.
Wow, that sounds so...crazy.

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  1. Are you clowns aware that the ObamaScare health bill just passed in committee is not even written yet? Yet it has been passed in Committee. And the CBO, without know what will be in the bill, has said it is "budget neutral". Horse manure. You people had better quit worring about "right wingers" and worry about the dictatorship that's in control of this country.