Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Was Wrong, Things Aren't Bad Enough Yet!

Democrats are about to fail miserably trying to reform health care. They will brag about passing reform, and then take the blame from Republicans for not reigning in rising premiums. In the process, Democrats will prove they cannot be in charge of running a country. They will have imparted an uneasy feeling to Americans that nothing is really that important to them, nothing that can't be compromised into utter slop.

When it comes to the total meltdown of the world economy, it even gets stranger.

After crashing the world economy with free market "magic," the Republican Party will once again gain power, and the public will blame the Democrats for not fixing a totally dismantled regulatory system.

While many might be frightened by the angry radical far right agenda; the armed protesters, Nazi signs and threats of secession, they will be in control again of a country sliding further into dysfunction. But even then I don't believe the public will be ready for change.

There was a time when I thought many conservatives would moderate and throw out a whole bunch of faulty theories that made up their ideology, but that didn't happen. In fact there is now a libertarian movement splitting off from the Republican Party demanding even less government regulation than before. It won't be our debt that will drive other countries to different currencies, it will be our recklessness.

I hope Rep. Paul Ryan's idea of health care is adopted; people will get small tax credits that aren't adjusted to inflation, health insurers will carefully exclude treatments in the fine print once state mandates are eliminated due to buying across state lines and hundreds of thousands of people will die because they couldn't keep up with the rising cost of health care.

And it's all because things aren't bad enough yet.

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