Thursday, October 15, 2009

Revealed: The Dumb as a Post Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu

"I'm proud to say this as a Democrat. I believe in the private sector. I don't believe in government running every program for everybody."- Sen. Mary Landrieu on health care reform.

Believe it or not, Landrieu's a Democrat. Believe it or not, she fabricated this outlandish strawman:
"I think when people hear “public option” they hear “free health care.” Everybody wants free health care. Everybody wants health care they don’t have to pay for."

I will let those who left comments on YouTube and Think Progress do the talking:

Here's one Democratic ( DINO ) candidate who needs to lose her job and be classified as ' Unemployed without health insurance

Mary is chasing demons in her mind. It's probably racism or hatred of poor people in general. She sounds pretty angry about it, too.

Mary Landrieu isn't much of a Democrat. I don't want free health care. I just don't want to get screwed by my insurer and the Public Option would keep health insurance companies honest. That's more than I can sat for Mary Landrieu.

Is Senator Mary Landrieu really that dumb? Or is she just in the Health Insurance Industry’s pocket?

Pretty easy to figure this one out.

Bad enough there are Republicans around ; we certainly don’t need anyone imitating them……..

“Stupid is as stupid does.”…Forrest Gump

This ‘free’ crap is worse than the death panels, Nazi, Soviet and all of the other Republican scare tactics. We don’t have ‘free’ police, fire, highways, water and sewage treatment, schools, etc. We pay for them with our taxes.

So, honey, the only thing free around here is your mouth. Too bad its attached to your wallet and not your brain.

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