Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fox News Looking Over Shoulder Now. Vanity Fair's Michael Wolff Dissects Strategy.

Below are two perfect examples of Fox News spin, where one individual decides to cut off the guest for suggesting the discussion was less than "fair and balanced, and Shep Smith calling out a reporter for only interviewing the Republican candidate in the race. Shep's class shines through as he apologizes for the lack of balance.

So is it any wonder, Vanity Fair's Michael Wolff couldn't help examining the possible White House strategy in telling the truth about Fox News' all opinion format.

The Nation's John Nichols sees the confrontation in political terms, ignoring the fact that the White House is telling the truth, Fox isn't a news network. For this weak kneed liberal, Nichols predicts or hopes the WH backs away. A typical worm like strategy by the easily intimidated defensive liberal pundit.

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