Monday, October 26, 2009

GOP warnings Nothing but Hot Air.

Let's dissect the arguments against the Democratic health care overhaul, from the AP:
With landmark health care votes expected in the coming weeks, Republicans are warning voters that the Democratic plan to expand coverage to millions who lack it will increase costs for the average American.
The Republicans are warning against people getting health care. Plain and simple.
Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns (R) said the plan would hurt a cross-section of people struggling in the economic downturn.
It would hurt struggling families who can't afford health care by getting them health care, help that could keep them from bankruptcy.
(Johanns warns) college graduates, saddled with student loans would be forced to pay for health care they might not be able to afford.
Students low cost, and probably subsidized health care, will not have to be paid for in everyone else's premiums. There will be no freeloading.
Johanns also claimed that the Democratic plan would eliminate entirely the ability for families to pay for medical expenses using tax-free dollars through flexible spending accounts.
Good. Health Saving Accounts were temporary gimmicks that required huge deductibles, high premium increase every year and eventually would become too expensive. (I know, because I've had different HSA's for 7 years. Even worse, tax deductible contributions are capped at around $5,000, despite having a $9,000 deductible. A ripoff)
Legislation in the Senate would cap at $2,500 annually the amount people are allowed to deduct from their salaries for deposit in these tax-free accounts. Currently, there is no federal cap ...The proposed change raises money to help pay for Democratic health care legislation because it exposes more income to taxation.
That's a good thing for two reasons: people can afford $2,500, not $9,000; and HSA's would no longer be a tax write-off for the wealthy, the only ones who could afford them.

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