Monday, October 12, 2009

Virtual Schools Social Networks, Airplanes Still Scary to Some and GOP demands Women Marry.

Kids not so lonely with Virtual Schools?

Wisconsin State Journal: A Things have gone "remarkably well" so far for the virtual charter school in its first year of operation, said Leslye Erickson, the head of the school. While the lack of social interaction was a concern for some parents new to online schooling, Erickson said it's rarely an issue for those used to it because they find other ways to make friends, such as through church or the YMCA.

Wow, that's inclusive. Thank God for Christianity.

Republicans Think Government Should Encourage Women to get Married. Where's Personal Responsibility? The Future Wisconsin Conference, an annual gathering of conservatives, featured a series of panel discussions on issues from health care to welfare reform. Republicans U.S. Rep. Tom Petri, and state Sen. Glenn Grothman, tackled welfare during one panel discussion, bemoaning what they said were the negative impacts the program has had ... including a failure to encourage women to get married.

Grothman said that a single woman with two children who makes $15,000 a year could theoretically get $37,000 a year in benefits. That amount is taken from the following programs: low-income housing assistance, food stamps, energy assistance, Milwaukee School Choice, Wisconsin Shares, BadgerCare and the earned income credit.

According to Grothman, if that woman were to get married to a man making $30,000 a year, she would lose all of her assistance. Grothman said that the answer to welfare might be scaling back services ... Petri broached having welfare programs phased out.

So are you for government assistance or against it? Or do Petri and Grothman want it both ways? Oh, and a family of four making $30,000 would probably be qualified for many of those same programs anyway. Are these guys familiar with public assistance at all?

RWC's Reince Priebus Still Not Comfortable with "Modern" Modes of Travel, like "air plane" Travel.

In response to Al Gore’s appearance in Madison to speak to the Society of Environmental Journalists, Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Reince Priebus issued the following statement: “Al Gore could have saved Wisconsin residents some hot air and carbon emissions by simply staying home. Wisconsin needs more jobs, not more empty rhetoric by Democrats contributing to the emissions problem. Flying in big-name Democrats to discuss how to force Wisconsin businesses to pay more taxes on their energy bill is the height of hypocrisy, and it’s precisely the reason voters will reject the misguided solutions proposed by the left in 2010."

Thanks Reince, for supporting our current energy policies. It was lots of fun paying $4 a gallon of gas and through the roof energy bills last winter. Screw the future, we're just scared to death of everything today.

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