Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When it comes to the Stimulus Plan, Republicans are For It and Against It. Can They Get Away with That?

It’s amazing to watch the political game Republicans have created surrounding the Obama stimulus package being written up by Congressional Democrats. The GOP is for the stimulus only if you listen to the Republican governors pleas for help; Republican Congressional Representatives and Senators are against it because they hope to win reelection when the watered down plan fails; and GOP state legislators in Democratically controlled states are ignoring the country wide crisis so they can blame their budget deficits on state Dem. Governor and lawmakers. Except for the governors, the rest of these bottom feeders are only looking to play the game of one ups-man-ship in order to win the next election.

To highlight this contrast in political positioning, the two video clips here present Republican Gov. Charlie Crist and State Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. (clip 1) Crist blames the national economy for the states problems, while (clip 2)Fitzgerald lays the crisis on the doorstep of Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

Governor Crist states his case in a way even I can honestly say is moving.

Below, State Sen. Scott Fitzgerald attempts to shift the blame to his Democratic Governor, Jim Doyle. Fitzgerald contradicts Crist’s claim it's a national economic crisis and not a state problem(not to mention all the other Republican governors), hoping the voters in Wisconsin don’t notice.

Will voters hold the Republicans accountable for the sad shape of the economy, the contradiction of positions in regards to the stimulus plan and outright disregard for the growing number of people losing their jobs everyday while they hold things up?

We can only hope.

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