Monday, February 23, 2009

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker Wants Sales Tax Holiday Instead of Spending on Infrastructure Projects or Aid to the Poor.

As crazy as it might be for someone who has basically bankrupt everything around him to run for governor, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker just went to Washington to raise possible campaign funds, with the fire power of Wisconsin's three Republican House members and former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson.
Passing arrogance off as a “humble” candidate cheered on by the people,
“Walker acknowledged that the distinction between his status as a potential rather than official candidate often is blurred for many. "It's no great surprise, and even though I'm not saying it, I usually get introduced as the next governor or the guy who should be the next governor," Walker said.”
Walker apparently missed the message sent during the last election that the average taxpayer is tired of two things; defending more tax cuts for the wealthy elite who are living off their capital gains investments (their not exactly retirees), or not taxing the highest income brackets who have made out like bandits the last 12 years under the Republicans. According to
Walker faults Doyle's new state budget proposal for provisions that would raise taxes, such as higher rates on capital gains on investments and on state income taxes for those with very high incomes.
If that wasn’t bad enough, Walker favors short term, fiscally irresponsible tax cuts. Even though:
“Observers on both the left and right have said there's almost no chance of (a sales tax holiday - noting it would take another act of Congress to undo the rules for the just-passed $787 billion Recovery and Reinvestment Act) … He also has been touting his suggestion that most of the $3.7 billion in federal stimulus money … be used for tax cuts, specifically calling for a moratorium on all sales taxes for the rest of the year, instead of spending on infrastructure projects or aid to the poor.

Hey Walker, isn’t it fun to make proposals you know are impossibilities. It sure pushes the necessary buttons for his right wing base.
Walker reiterated … he would take it (the stimulus money) as long as it didn't require county matching funds and didn't require future county spending.
And just to avoid any real work, Walker earlier refused to submit a list of potential county projects for stimulus funding.”
State Democratic Party Chairman Joe Wineke said he relished the idea of a Walker candidacy for governor."Scott Walker would have to run on what I would view as a pretty miserable record as county executive," Wineke said. County parks have suffered under Walker and the county budget is "a mess," he said.
Warning: The zealot fringe conservative cockroaches are crawling out from under their rocks. Homebuilder and former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann said he was seriously considering entering the race but won't announce until fall. I’m working on a list of frightening comments and missteps.

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