Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald Accuses Governor of "Grabbing" and "Skimming" Money to Pay for State Government. Spending Tax Money now a Criminal Activity.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle met a lot of Republican resistance to a proposed increase in the states hospital tax, which would in turn increase federal funding negating the tax impact, because many GOP freeloaders have pledged never to increase taxes while in public office. Not only that, they are always comparing government to a family budget, where mom and dad sit down and cut back on groceries, vacations and heat. But that's only part of what families do. They also get a second or third job to increase their budgets so they can pay their bills. On the down side, some end up going bankrupt and giving up their homes. States can't sell themselves off to their nearest neighbor, but they can increase their budgets by increasing their incomes via taxes. But not Republicans.

They hate taxes. Freeloading and doing very little work, while never having to make tough decisions in office, is so much easier.

Gov. Doyle is accused of "grabbing money from Washington D.C.," and "skimming money off of it each time." Wow, what a crook, huh? It's just a tax increase, but to hear the Republican take on it, it's criminal Mafioso stuff. And that's why Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald is in the minority, because he's makes lousy business decisions and analogies.

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