Friday, February 20, 2009

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's Reasons for Accepting Generational Theft in the form of Stimulus Money

Gov. Tim Pawlenty, crazy Republican, debuted the latest talking point arguments for accepting the stimulus, despite opposing it for ideological reasons. Pawlenty claims Democrats were just as hypocritical and did essentially the same thing, giving these examples:

Democrats opposed military spending, but excepted National Guard money. Apple to oranges comparison and a real head scratcher, but a point never the less...

Democrats opposed No Child Left Behind, but took the education money anyway. Another bad comparison because NCLB was grossly underfunded. By the way, Republicans also hated NCLB. States had little choice but to take the money or dramatically underfund public education. Because the stimulus money benefits no one, according to Republicans, they don't need the money. So don't take it.

Democrats are against tax cuts, but also against their citizens receiving the benefits of those cuts. With this comment, I'm sure Pawlenty is just trying to make my brain hurt, like it is right now.

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