Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Governor Candidate Walker Offers Tax Rebates and Tax Holidays, Known Stimulus Failures.

It's about to get a little crazier in the state of Wisconsin, as Milwaukee County Executive Scott "wacky" Walker talks money on "Upfront with Mike Gousha," and we get another earful of bad Republican math.
The reality: Most people are spending less money because they either don't have it, they've lost their job or they're worried that they might someday get a pink slip. In "wacky' Walker's world, these same people are dying to buy plasma TVs or just plain go out on a shopping spree:

"If you're someone at Harley Davidson ... or any other company that has layed off people here and across the state ... having something that's going to plug a budget hole ... doesn't get you your job back. Giving people money that they put right back into the economy, into the market place over the next several months, and in turn that fuels the economy, that might give people hope that their job could come back."
Isn't this the same advice Pres. Bush gave after 9/11, to "Go shopping?" Walker, like most Republicans, leaves out the first step, and that is; get a job. Rebates don't work in a recession because people will either hold onto the cash or pay off their debt. A sales tax holiday or a property tax rebate are all ineffective temporary patches that sound good to those ideologues clinging to a failed philosophy, but scare the hell of people like you and me who fear it only puts off the inevitable; future economic calamity.

In Walker's world, for example, if you could save the states 5% sales tax, would you drive a hundred miles to Wisconsin to buy something you could have bought on the internet tax free (most people don't report it)? If people aren't buying anything now, with 15 to 30% off at the local big box stores, would an extra 5% make the difference? Of course not:

"Think of all the people coming in from around the midwest to buy their products, to buy the purchases, right here in the state of Wisconsin."
So what if it doesn't make any sense, who's going to remember in a glossy campaign ad.

"Tax cuts is the right way, which is why we're proposing it yet again."
Walker's no math genius either. Voters might be pretty ticked off when they find out they could have paid only $10 million for a $50 million infrastructure project. In Walker's twisted logic, he thinks that's still an extra $10 million obligation, and not a $40 million dollar savings. As Walker explains, "People would realize it's not worth the savings."

I'm not kidding.

NOTE: What does Walker think is worth spending our hard earned tax dollars on? Keeping non-violent offenders in prison under the wasteful Truth and Sentencing law. After all, unreasonable incarceration demonstrates the macho "tough on crime" image Republicans worked so hard on a few decades ago. It was their way to show the court system and judges how disipline should be doled out.

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