Monday, February 16, 2009

Survey Shocker: Wisconsin CEO's Want Bigger Tax Cuts, Oppose Stimulus!!

Here’s an interesting but not too surprising poll number, showing a majority of wealthy CEO’s disapprove of the Democratic stimulus plan. Apparently:
More than half of northeastern Wisconsin chief executives surveyed about the federal government's economic stimulus plan say they are opposed to it. The Nicolet National Bank Business Pulse survey of 160 CEOs found that 57% were opposed to the plan, 23% favored it and 20% weren't sure. "I think it pretty much says the CEOs wanted to see a little bigger shift to the tax-cut side," said David Wegge, president of Intellectual Marketing, Green Bay, which conducted the survey. Wegge concluded that the CEO attitudes about the stimulus package seem to mirror concerns that Republicans in the House and Senate expressed about it as it was being crafted.
What can one conclude from this survey? The Republicans support the idea that high wage CEO’s should keep more of their money at the expense of putting everyone else back to work and growing the middle class, and these fats cats couldn't agree more.

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