Friday, February 13, 2009

McCaughey Spreads "Government Rationing" of Health Care Lie in Democratic Stimulus Plan

The following video clip is something I promise will be a reference point as the discussion on universal health care picks up. It's the first salvo in trying to discredit a health care system the rest of the industrialized world is using with overwhelming public support. It's not rationing, it's not "government run" and would save more money in the long run than a long list of Republican tax cuts. Universal health care would spur entrepreneurs and business owners to use the money saved for covering future employees to start or expand their businesses and work force.

The right wing, Drudge and Limbaugh, love to spread this stuff around well before the story is discredited. They get the mileage and the message out, poisoning public perception, while at the same time allowing the problem to get worse. Betsy McCaughey, Fmr. Lt. Gov. of NY and spokes model for the ultra conservative Hudson Institute, is caught in a lie. And as Laurence O'Donnell explains, it's not the first time. As Betsy explains in a plea to Big Pharma: "...asking Pharma to support my writing...can make a substantial difference in public opinion and in the nation's capital."

Can you say "exposed?"

Are Republicans really big supporters of small business? No.

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