Tuesday, February 17, 2009

JD Hayworth Is Back, Longing for a Continuation of the Last Eight Years of Tax Cuts and Deregulation

I am basking in the wonder of all the media hosts and reporters who are finally blaming the Republican Congress and President Bush for the last eight years of trickle down, voodoo laissez faire capitalism. Confronting these global disaster deniers pretty much leaves them speechless, unless of course they're still clinging to a their failed ideology. JD still is.

Chris Matthews asked JD whether he would continue to support and expand the same policies that brought us to this point. Hayworth gave Matthews an emphatic yes, FOUR TIMES during the conversation. He also blamed right wing bogey man, George Soros, who seems to have the omnipresence of God.

HAYWORTH: I’ll tell you what was bad, the sneak attack on our economy, the dress rehearsal that was the debacle of IndyBank, when Chuck Schumer helped get that started. The guy in the background, George Soros, manipulating all the currency.

The Washington Independent put it this way:

Matthews is clearly stunned at what he’s hearing: “You can talk fast, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But Hayworth got to Congress after a career in talk radio, and he returned to talk radio after losing in a 2006 upset to his then-Democratic challenger, Rep. Harry Mitchell. In that format, conspiracy theories about George Soros are about as normal as ads for reverse mortgages and natural male enhancement.

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  1. There has been lot of deregulation in Bush administration.