Saturday, February 21, 2009

Since Jesus Was Born, We have More Republican Idiots

The American Issues Project thinks they're pretty clever in their new campaign against the stimulus package. From their perspective, if you spent $1 million a day since Jesus was born, you would have spent less money than the Democrats spent on the stimulus bill. MSNBC's David Shuster took another look at it.

In his segment, Hypocrisy Watch, Shuster revealed the U.S. spent $1.3 million a day since Jesus was born on the Iraq war, or $2 million a day since Jesus was born on U.S. credit losses in 2008 alone or how much the U.S. economy makes a day since Jesus was born at $20 million.

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  1. New York Post Cartoonist Sean Delonas drew "Giuliani time" police having shot dead a chimp, saying "they'll have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill". These angry white talk radio males need universal health care so they can finally see a psychistrist. We also need to psychiatrically regulate the preachers and teachers who influenced such creatures. That is what homeland security is really about.