Thursday, February 12, 2009

Corporate Power and Rep. Paul Ryan

Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, unfazed, has seen employers in his district tank in rapid succession, including the Janesville GM truck plant. In the following interview on Upfront with Mike Gousha, Ryan plays the game of misdirection and short term memory loss. He warns "the economy is in too much peril to mess around with old ideas..."

He must be talking about tax cuts and smaller government, right. Not quite. What he's really talking about is the Obama stimulus plan, the one that will attempt to spend our way out of a crisis his party created with tax cuts and irresponsible budgeting. He continues to perpetuate the lie that the New Deal was a failure as a way of misdirecting the public away from the last 8 years of Republican economics, and fabricates another lie about the stimulus being similar to Japans failed spending plan that resulted in the Lost Decade.

Finally, he continues to support Wall Street and its "monetary policy," which he claims is on the right track, while rejecting our fiscal policy of helping stop the massive job losses and tanking business climate. The tax cutting mantra has failed our country, and basically cost us hundreds of billions of dollars more than what we might have saved over the last two decades in tax cuts. Good plan Paul.

Rep. Paul Ryan in the rising star in the Republican party. What a future.

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