Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rep. Boehner Likes Feel Good Voucher Program. The Hell with Results

Here’s a story making the rounds about school vouchers.

CBN News White House Correspondent David Brody wrote:

Look over there in the corner! It's House Minority Leader John Boehner raising the red flag. On that flag is a big sign that says:
DC SCHOOL VOUCHERS PHASED OUT. Read below from Boehner:

"The D.C. school choice program has provided hope for thousands of low-income children in the District of Columbia since it was established, and has been demonstrating results when it comes to parental satisfaction and increased parental involvement. Eliminating this program would represent an irresponsible and shameful act on the part of the Democratic leadership in Congress, and the children of the District of Columbia deserve better.

What are the successful elements of the voucher program, according to Boehner?; parental satisfaction and increased parental involvement. That’s it? You couldn’t get that same parental involvement in public schools? What about grades? Test scores? Graduation rates? This has been the underlying problem with the whole voucher argument. Supporters stress “feel good” results, as if that in someway changes the above measurable improvements, which it hasn’t. In fact, one study found that students weren’t impressed at all in the voucher school program and didn’t notice any difference from their public schools experience.
But was Rep. Boehner telling the truth?
Brendan Daly, one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's top aide's tells The Brody File the following:
"The Republicans' claims are misfounded. We fund this program in 2009 but the bills says it must be authorized before we fund it in the future."
Vouchers, the darling Republican wedge issue and union buster, is a funnel for taxpayer dollars to forever disappear with little or no accountability into the private school black hole. As we have seen from our painful economic collapse, private business can be trusted to do just the right thing with the peoples money.

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