Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deranged Vicki McKenna "Not Ready for TV" Ad Says It All About the Republican Party Today

My last year on talk radio gave me great insight into the bizarre thought process of the conservative mind. I was part of a left/right team on WIBA-AM 1310, with my conservative partner Vicki McKenna, doing the radio version of the old CNN show "Crossfire."

Since those brutal days of on air arguing in 2004, I've found Vicki's unchecked and frantically breathless calls for revolution almost comical if they weren't so psychotic. Sure I might disagree with everything she says, but as a listener, I shouldn't find myself nervously sweating from the intense anger generated by these blame Americans first dead enders.

Which leads me to the sick TV ad here, that never ran. It shows McKenna unwinding after a long day of trashing every Democrat for not wanting to freeload off the America built and paid for by previous generations. Just the concept of this ad is grotesque. And that's from a guy who used to produce some pretty weird mean spirited political attack ads. Conservatives really are deranged.

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