Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gov. Bobby Jindal's Message of...Doh!

From the strange Howdy Doody/marionette like walk onto the set, to the uncomfortable struggle to tie multiple conflicting idea together, Gov. Bobby Jindal's response to President Obama's address was simply bizarre.

MSNBC was a hoot to watch. From Chris Matthews' response to Jindal's entrance ("oh God"), to Rachel Maddow's humorous "speechless" description of the governors kitchen sink speech, you couldn't help but feel reassured that someone else felt pretty much the way you did. Matthews put together a point by point critique of Jindal's revisionist vision of reality. Biased? Maybe, but honest, yes.

Where the Republicans like Jindal talk to us like children huddled around a reassuring parent, Obama decide the nation needed a more adult approach to problem solving. The condescending style of Republican politics is no longer something the American people will tolerate.

In the RNC email response today:
The Republican Response was just offered by Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a rising star in our Party. Governor Jindal makes some excellent points: Let me make this clear upfront: The Republican Party stands ready to work together in a bipartisan manner ... But we will not march lock-step with the President and Democrats when they are wrong. The recently passed "stimulus" bill was one such example. The Democrat plan focused on putting Americans on the public dole...!

... the RNC needs your help to elect more Republicans like Governor Jindal in the 2009 state and 2010 congressional elections who will stand up to the Democrats when they are wrong.

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