Saturday, February 7, 2009

“We don’t Need no Education…” Say Republicans over Economic Stimulus. Let the Teacher Bloodletting Begin.

The AP reported a proposal by Senate Rublicans cutting $60 billion from the stimulus plan that would have gone to the states to "avoid budget cuts for schools as well as law enforcement and other programs." The "talk of cuts in proposed education funds ... (caused) unhappiness among Democrats." I'm hoping the word "unhappyness" was a bad choice of words by the reporter. It should have been "outrage among Democrats." Here's just a sampling of other smaller side-bar stories around the nation, where schools can longer afford...teachers?

According to the Wausau Daily Herald: The Merrill Area Public School Board issued layoff notices Thursday and Friday to 21 teachers, or nearly 10 percent of its more than 200-person teaching staff, as part of its effort to cut more than $1 million and balance its budget. The district will cut 14 elementary school teachersJaneen LaBorde, president of the Merrill Teachers Association, said the district's situation mirrors problems around the state.

The majority of the districts financial problems stem from the state imposed school funding formula. The state imposed revenue caps are increasing at a lower rate than minimums on salaries and benefits, inflation and state and federal mandated programs.

The state nor the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators track teacher layoffs.

In Providence, R.I., nearly 600 teachers will receive preliminary layoff notices next week, although the vast majority will retain their jobs once the School Department works through a Byzantine seniority system known as bumping.

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